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Short Term Care Plans using standardized, research based treatment methods.

We use methods that are research based and standardized to help create the best short term care plans. The pain may disappear, but conservative health care, such as chiropractic care along with physio therapy do much more than that. Improving your quality of life occurs as you are given knowledge that helps you understand the best methods for self-care. Our approach helps our patients play an active and responsible role in their health as we educate them about natural solutions, including chiropractic care.

We treat each of our patients as individuals. This means that we may have two patients with the same diagnosis, but that does not mean we provide them both with exactly the same treatment. In medicine, each person does not respond the same to similar therapies. Our goal is to create a patient-specific plan of action that is tailored to help each patient reach their goals, and is based on their current physical and medical condition(s).

It's not always easy to find the most skilled chiropractor that utilizes the most current approaches. However, you should find this site to be of great assistance as you strive to learn just how much your life can improve with gentle chiropractic care. Our short term care plans are the heart of our practice where we do all we can to help you meet the goals we have worked together to set.

At ChiroStandard, we are Sarasota, and the Suncoast's, top choice for chiropractic care, and post accident care. We use a wide variety of techniques and tools to customize treatment plans for each patient. Whether it is someone suffering from whiplash from an automobile accident, pain from a work-related accident, or someone looking to gain an edge in athletic competition, we have the experience to help the patient reach their goals. We work with a number of attorneys in the area who specialize in automobile accident cases.

Our weight management program has helped hundreds of patients lose thousands of pounds. Our office is conveniently located in downtown Sarasota, on Main Street. We have appointments available six days per week, and have a schedule that is flexible enough to accommodate anyone's busy schedule.

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