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Thirty years ago no one could even fathom how far medical science would go. Yet these days, diseases that would cripple or kill a person without fail have been beaten back with vaccines, and life-saving surgeries that were once experimental are now commonly performed. The same can be said about chiropractic treatments. These days there's no need to lay out on a table and have your body twisted and jerked around. Even older people who have issues such as osteoporosis are able to be treated with chiropractic medicine.

This is thanks to computer and technology advances that have allowed Chiropractors to analyze the human body, finding issues with pinpoint precision. In practical terms, this means that the Chiropractor is able to find the exact spot that's injured and treat it. The human body simply isn't designed to function for very long. Medical science has allowed humans to live longer, but the body still isn't designed to function for those lengths of time. With new chiropractic techniques, chiropractors are able to figure out exactly where and how to apply treatment. This gives them the ability to fine tune treatment, making adjustments as necessary for an individual's needs rather than a general treatment that's supposed to be one size fits all.

Complex Technology, Simple Solutions: The ProAdjuster

The basic functions of the human body, as well as the basic processes by which those functions occur, is fairly simple and straightforward. The nervous system brings signals from the brain to the rest of your body, causing your body to function. If something should happen to the nervous system, such as the spinal column getting twisted in a way it's not supposed to twist, then your body begins sending pain signals to your brain. There are things you can do, however. These things can help you improve physical performance as well as increase the health level of your nervous system. You have several options. The best option, at least in terms of actually fixing the problem, is with chiropractic medicine. The ProAdjuster is the tool of choice for any chiropractor who knows what they're doing.

How Does The ProAdjuster Work?

In order to understand how this amazing device works, you need to understand palpation. This is when a chiropractor checks your spine for motion and joint fluidity. When improper motion affects the nerve function it's called subluxation. The ProAdjuster works by determining the spine's current range of motion. This makes it easier for the chiropractor to gauge where you need treatment. Spines should never be too rigid, as you can well imagine! The ProAdjuster helps the chiropractor by giving precise measurements. The chiropractor no longer has to rely on their own judgement. This doesn't mean the chiropractor's judgement is faulty. It's simply human. All humans make mistakes from time to time.

If you've ever flinched at something happening to you, then you know what this term means. The ProAdjuster has a piezoelectric sensor, which allows it to register information far quicker than your body's ability to react to things. This is how it can provide such precise information and measurements. It works by lightly forcing the vertebra to move. As the vertebra move around the piezoelectric sensor takes measurements. It sends the measurements to the main computer, which interprets the information before the body can fully react to the motion. This means it's measuring the vertebral movements absent any reflexive flinching reaction. NASA uses the same type of technology in order to evaluate how solid and durable the ceramic cooling tiles that they use for the space shuttles are at any given moment.

In point of fact, many different industries use this technology to check for metal fatigue. You'll find it in aviation mechanic shops and civil engineer workshops across the world. Now that this technology can be fine-tuned to work on the human body, chiropractors are making good use of it. After all, why should a multi-million dollar aircraft be treated better than you? Human life is far more important than an object. So you should get the best care so that you can be free of pain.

The way the ProAdjuster works is via precise oscillating force. It applies that force with an uninterrupted motion. This allows it to increase the fluidity of the spine. It keeps areas that aren't supposed to move rigid, while forcing the parts that should move to do so. It essentially unsticks the joint in the same way you would unstick any other tightly wound joint. If you've seen a woodpecker tapping through a tree, or if you've ever tried to open a jar lid, then you've seen the process in action. It's a quick back and forth, moving often and quickly enough to shake the joint loose. The ProAdjuster naturally works with a much softer motion!


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